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Tropicana Juice & Food Bar is your favourite destination for the healthy life

Love + Passion

Love your life,love yourself and look after yourself. We put love in every juice & smoothie we make in Tropicana

Green Options

Lot of green and detox options. Green Juices and Green salad. You will be refreshed.

Relax..You earned it

Tropical Juices & Relax

The Best One

Try South American Delight Juice. You will thumb up for this. The Best Juice On Earth!!

Why choose us?

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Our Menu

Refreshing Juices, Delicous Smoothies, Healthy Salads, Great Breakfasts

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Our blog

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Coffee Shop
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Tea Time
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Mobile First

Our partners

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What our clients say?

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Contact us

Please contact us, if you are interested in Tropicana Juice & Food Bar franchise.
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